The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) is the peak professional body of Clinical Immunologists and Allergists in Australia and New Zealand giving the statements below on its website.

There are many types of unproven tests

A multitude of tests have been proposed to detect "hidden allergies", based on concepts of disease pathogenesis very different to those underlying Western medicine. These have no scientific basis, and have not been shown to be reliable or reproducible when subjected to formal study. Not only are such tests unreliable in diagnosing allergic disease, they are also increasingly being promoted for the diagnosis and management of disorders for which no evidence of immune system involvement exists. ASCIA strongly advises against the use of these tests listing below for diagnosis or to guide medical treatment. No Medicare rebate is available in Australia for these tests, and their use is not supported in New Zealand.

  1. IgG food antibody testing and other techniques
    There is no evidence that measuring IgG antibodies is useful for diagnosing food allergy or intolerance, nor that IgG antibodies cause symptoms. Despite studies showing the uselessness of this technique, it continues to be promoted in the community.
  2. Vega (electro-diagnostic) testing
  3. Cytotoxic testing ("Bryan's test") and the Alcat test
  4. Allergy elimination techniques
  5. Iridology
  6. VoiceBio©TM
  7. Kinesiology

Adverse outcomes from unorthodox testing and treatments may arise:

The potential for adverse outcomes following some unorthodox diagnostic techniques and treatment is not always obvious, but potentially more serious than the commonly debated issues surrounding adverse reactions to herbal medicines.

  • Misleading results may result in advice to undergo major dietary restrictions. These have the potential to impair growth and even cause malnutrition, particularly in more vulnerable groups such as young children.
  • Access to more effective diagnostic techniques and treatments may be delayed, with lost productivity from inadequately controlled disease.
  • Substitution of homoeopathic vaccines for those with proven effectiveness (or even discouragement to undertake vaccination at all), has individual and public health implications.

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